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Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore has announced that Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) usage would be expanded to cover more courses and programmes, this means that the trainees can use their PSEA to pay for the course fees if they have a PSEA. The approved programmes covers SSG-funded certifiable non-Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses which could include full qualification courses and short courses leading to industry-recognised certifications. For more details about PSEA, you may refer to MOE’s PSEA website.

Below are the 4 courses that are approved by SSG for SDF Training Grant, are eligible for the PSEA usage for the eligible trainees. If their PSEA amount is insufficient, they may also use their sibling’s PSEA to deduct with the sibling’s / parent’s approval.

  1. Occupational First Aid Course with CPR+AED (CRS-N-0031271)
  2. Standard First Aid Course with CPR+AED (CRS-N-0034846)
  3. Standard First Aid Refresher Course with CPR+AED (CRS-N-0043495)
  4. Child First Aid Course for Infant / Child Care Providers (CRS-N-0043421)

Only Singapore Citizens are eligible for the PSEA. For more information, you may refer to MOE’s PSEA Eligibility.