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Do you know what to do in an emergency? Is there at least one person in your home or workplace with CPR or First Aid knowledge? Could you confidently give CPR or care for an injured person until help arrives? Do you know how to use an AED?

As Singapore’s leader in innovative first aid solutions, A-Bide First Aid Training Solutions prides itself on providing simple, streamlined first aid training courses. The Occupational First Aid course will equip you with necessary first aid knowledge, skills, and reference materials in addition to a nationally recognized certification by the Ministry of Manpower for workplaces.

Being first aid certified in today’s workforce is a highly valuable attribute, and in many cases, is even required by employers for a range of occupations in Singapore. At A-Bide First Aid Training Solutions, we work to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to handle emergency situations with confidence, making them an asset to their workplace and community.


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Registration for First Aid Courses

We have resumed our First Aid Classes! Click on the link to see the courses that are available now. Drop a WhatsApp text to +65 89228442 (during office hours) or +65 96496957 (after office hours) for any queries.

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Our First Aid Courses

Are we Accredited ?

Yes, we are. Here are our Accreditations!

  • bcls aed accreditation
  • bcls accreditation
  • Socotec accreditation
  • cfac acrreditation

Gracious Feedback from Satisfied Trainees

Ahmad Izwan [Occupational First Aid Course, Jan 2021] – Trainer is very knowledgeable on WSH matters. Training facilities are sufficient and equipped. Assessors are excellent and professional who knows a lot on the topics. Questions and instructions are clear and concise.

Nur Munirah [Standard First Aid Course, Jan 2021] – Assessors are knowledgeable and shared realistic scenarios for application. Points and tips were precise and easily understood.

Ong Xiu Ping [Standard First Aid Course, Jan 2021] – Assessor makes class interesting and knows how to make class engaging.

Wan Liang Pau [Occupational First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – My 2nd time here. Courses are good for me and they meet my needs. Good trainers.

Sulaiman Bin Buang [Standard First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – Very knowledgeable and clear.

Luo Yingying [Standard First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – The trainer was good and engaging. I have attended her class 2 years ago. Very helpful and practical tips for first aid.

Stephanie Soh [Occupational First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – Super nice and patient trainers.

Ravi Kumar [Standard First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – Trainer was clear with explanations.

Tan Yu Chen Dion [Standard First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – Assessor knows her content well and delivers the lesson in a quality manner.

Sumathi Somasamy [BCLS Course, Dec 2020] – Trainer was patient and explained very well.

Luo Yingying [Standard First Aid Course, Dec 2020] – Good course,good instructor. Have come to A-BIDE and this is my 3rd certification. Will return for 4th!

Sharifah Rauqatus Sorfina Binte Syed Khalid [BCLS Course, Nov 2020] – The instructions deliverance was really calm and good and gave needed assurance when taking up the training.

Tio Kok Wei [CERT FA Course, Nov 2020] – Overall very good class/ training for us.

Tay Lye Kiat [CERT FA Course, Nov 2020] – Very fun and direct.

Jimmy Aw Peng Soon [CERT FA Course, Nov 2020] – Very nice trainer/ instructor which can transfer her knowledge well for all of us. Clear and concise instructions. Enjoyed the training.

Elnie Elfariney Binte Jeffrey [CPR + AED Course, July 2020]- Instructor was very funny & relaxing, made the class feel comfortable.

Jonathan Lim – A very interesting & interactive class.

Andrew Boey – Awesome and fun class. Great learning from experiences trainers. Definitely coming back here for refresher after 2 years.

Govind Singh – Nice & Amazing Trainers, helpful all around. Good materials and explanation provided.

Jillian Wong – A really easy class to follow! Enjoyed learning the skills required to perform CPR + AED. Will recommend to friends and family.

In emergencies, 90% of lives are saved by people like you.

– International COMMITTEE of the red cross
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