Meet the Cool Focus. It’s like a fridge with a tiny fan inside.

So portable, so efficient. Just plug it in and go. No exhaust hose, installation or window kit necessary. Not the usual portable air conditioner or air cooler(that requires cold water or ice pack) that you know of.

Comes with a remote to adjust the settings to suit your needs. By focusing its cooling to people, not rooms, these little wonders can work on just 300 watts!

3000 BTU/hr in dry air and 4000 BTU/hr in high humidity.

  • 3 months 0% interest installments plan available, just pay by debit card or credit card.
  • Units are instock.
  • Pay by PayNow and get a free box of masks and free express 3 day delivery!
  • Free delivery (within 1 week) for all other modes of payment.

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Close Comfort uses compressor refrigeration, so you feel that refreshing crisp air straight away, gently blowing away all the discomfort from heat and humidity.

At the same time, it never needs recharging, never needs water or ice, and even adjusts automatically to work harder in high humidity. The units are light, portable, convenient, energy-efficient, and – best of all – ready to use straight out of the box. Just plug it in and go.

With the Cool Focus, the windows in your home can be kept open, this means fresh air is constantly circulating, whereas with the use of an air conditioner, windows have to be closed, which ends up in recirculating air that’s unhealthy & nasty! With the windows open for ventilation, any airborne viruses or bacteria don’t linger in your home and put your loved ones at risk.

Other than using it at home, it can also be used at the workplace. It will help workers and staff to work more efficiently and prevent heat exhaustion. Other outdoor applications: first aid point for heat exhausted athletes, construction workers, healthcare staff, etc.





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