Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner

It’s like a fridge with a tiny fan inside

Energy-saving! No pipes! No consumables!

It never needs recharging, never needs water or ice, and even adjusts automatically to work harder in high humidity. The units are light, portable, convenient, energy-efficient, and – best of all – ready to use straight out of the box. Just plug it in and go.

 Close Comfort units consume so little power you will barely notice it on your electricity bill. 

3 months 0% interest instalments plan available, just pay by debit card or credit card.
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Move it where you use it. No installation, no pipes, no consumables, no
servicing and minimal self-maintenance.


With Close Comfort, fresh air is circulating the room instead of stale
recirculated air. Unlike normal air conditioners, Close Comfort doesn’t leave
you with dry itchy eyes.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Minimal energy consumption uses only 300 watts or less. Save money and
decrease your carbon footprint for a sustainable lifestyle.

But how does it work?

Say goodbye to those large, noisy portable air conditioners with thick exhaust hoses that need a technician to install for you – costing you time, money, and, usually, a window. Since Close Comfort needs no water or exhaust hoses, there’s no installation or mess. 

Close Comfort uses compressor refrigeration, so you feel that refreshing crisp air straight away, gently blowing away all the discomfort from heat and humidity. 

You can view the video below to get a better idea of the technology

Here we left a comparison chart to make it easier to understand the difference. You can view it here

Do you know why Singapore is getting hotter?

Do you know Singapore is heating up two times faster than the world? We are affected by the Urban Heat Island effect. Ironically, our air conditioners are one of the main causes.  Credits: CNA Singapore


So why should you grab this great product?

–      Saves the environment by saving energy usage

–    It only uses 300W. Same power as 2 sets x 20-inch stand fan

–      Save energy, save your money on your electrical bills

–     Just cool yourself, not the whole room (That is what it’s built for)

–      You will still get fresh air, no need to close windows

–    Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes. Use the tent to protect yourself and be cool at the same time.

–      Portable, use anywhere you want, at your games room, bedroom, kitchen, while watching TV, while doing your usual routine at the balcony.

While you’re here, how about a cool add-on?

The Igloo Tent

Invented by Close Comfort’s founder, our unique Igloo Bed Tent has been specifically designed to keep you extra cool during humid or steamy nights for a relaxing and bug-free sleep.

Coming with the latest self-erecting technology, it is the ideal accessory for cool sleeping through the hottest of summer nights. You will feel up to 12°C cooler and reduce your energy consumption even further while relaxing in its spacious interior.

Turn your hot bedroom into a cool Igloo

If you’re sweltering in your room at night, the Igloo Bed Tent brings cool relief, with chemical-free mosquito protection. Use with your COOL FOCUS to reduce its energy needs by 40% (down to 170W) for more savings on your electricity bill!


Fits beds from double to king-size (210 x 201 cm) 

Large entry panels and spacious interior

Translucent panels so you can still watch TV while staying cool inside your bed tent

Quick to set up and pack away

Detachable machine washable bottom panel

Lower Close Comfort unit’s energy consumption to as little as 170 Watts!

Setting up and Folding your Igloo Bed Tent

How to set up the Igloo Tent
Setting the bedding
Packing it up

All the content in the videos are summarised into this one Instruction Manual for your use. You can download it here

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Close Comfort has no exhaust hose, surely the warm air must heat the room?

What size room does Close Comfort cool?

Close Comfort works in any room, even outside in sheltered places. It creates a micro-climate, a cool zone, up to 4-5 square meters

What are the dimensions of the unit?

Close comfort Dimensions

When should I consider using the optional bed tent?

If the temperature inside your bedroom regularly exceeds 28°C at night, the Igloo tent provides extra cooling to keep you comfortable, and also provides chemical-free mosquito protection. The Igloo tent also reduces the air conditioner power consumption to about 180 Watts average, a valuable saving for off-grid battery installations. The Igloo tent also provides an ideal place for your baby or small child to be cool and comfortable during the day time.

How far away can Close Comfort be effective?

We recommend keeping Close Comfort near you, no more than 1 or 2 meters away. If you need it further away or want to use while you are standing, we recommend our Focus Enhancer accessory (already included with our COOL FOCUS units) that extends the range and optionally directs the cool airflow at a higher angle

Can it warm me in winter?

No. Close Comfort is designed for energy-efficient cooling in summer. An electric throw rug is an extremely energy-efficient option for winter warmth.

Is there still a reason for using a split AC?

If you need to cool a crowded room for 2 – 3 hours, a split AC is effective. Split ACs provide no fresh air exchange and the doors and windows need to be closed to retain the cool air so carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and body odors build up with time. Prolonged use of split ACs for sleeping can cause dry itchy eyes and skin irritation from dry air and the running cost can be very high. Expect to pay $1,500 or more to install it and $120 – $250 a month for electricity if you use it for sleeping or during the day.

I have misplaced my user guide. Can I find a digital copy?

Click the button below to download a digital copy of the user guide.

How often should I clean the filters?

You should remember to clean the filters every two weeks or so.

You can do this less often once you have experience of using your air conditioner and you can judge when to clean the filters for yourself.

How do I clean the filters?

Here is a short video to explain.


It is nice. I am enjoying it. I would still like to buy a tent that fits my bed so if they come up with variations with cool comfort unit to the side instead of foot of bed, would be happy to try it! – Lynette

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