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Main Target Audience:

  • Personnel involved in supervision of roadwork, lane closures and traffic control on / near / adjacent to the road or construction site access (especially those involved in roadwork projects/ building construction traffic controllers).
  • Open to all foreigners and locals.

Main Target Audience:

  • Existing supervisors, tradesmen, operators, both foreign and locals in any industry who have to take part in traffic control at their construction sites, workshops, plant, shipyards, factories and warehouses.
  • Supervisors or staff who are involved in an LTA road works project or an LTA construction project, this is the most suitable course to fulfill the training needs of a Traffic Controller in accordance to LTA specifications and requirements.
  • Supervisors or staff who are working in a OHSAS certified company where it is required “that personnel are competent to perform tasks that may impact on OH&S and, when training is used to provide competence, it takes into account the ability and literacy of the trainees and the risk to which they will be exposed.”

Course Objectives:

LTA Code of Practice Traffic Control at Work zone Edition 2019

  • This course will cover effective practices based on the “LTA’s Code of Practice: Traffic Control at Work Zone”, as well as workplace supervisory and public safety.
  • All site supervisors involved in traffic control shall be trained in selection, placement, operation, maintenance and removal of traffic control devices.

Course Outcomes:

  • Introduction to LTA code of practice traffic control at work zone.
  • Introduction to relevant safety acts and regulations.
  • Supervisor and public safety.
  • Channelizing & delineation devices.
  • Procedures in effective lane closure.
  • Effective placement of warning devices and safety distances.
  • Traffic controller / flagger operation requirements.
  • Practical training on Go/Stop Operations.
  • Highway closure procedure.
  • Emergency traffic management.
  • Risk of road works.
  • Pedestrian and Public Safety.
  • Installation of portable Traffic lights operations and marshal controls.
  • Assessment & MCQ Test.

Course Duration:

  • 8 hours, including 1 hour of assessment (1 day).


  • Results will be released 1 week after the course has ended. A pass (credit card size) of achievement will be issued to all participants after the release of the results.

Medium of Instruction:

  • English

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