Basic Traffic Control Supervisor Course


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Main Target Audience

This course is suitable for personnel involved in supervision of roadwork, lane closures and traffic control on / near / adjacent to the road or construction site access (especially those involved in roadwork projects/ building construction traffic controllers). Open to all foreigners and locals.

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Potential Audience

  1. Existing supervisors, tradesmen, operators, both foreign and locals in any industry who have to take part in traffic control at their construction sites, workshops, plant, shipyards, factories and warehouses.
  2. Supervisors or staff who are involved in an LTA road works project or an LTA construction project, this is the most suitable course to fulfil the training needs of a Traffic Controller in accordance to LTA specifications and requirements.
  3. Supervisors or staff who are working in a OHSAS certified company where it is required “that personnel are competent to perform tasks that may impact on OH&S and, when training is used to provide competence, it takes into account the ability and literacy of the trainees and the risk to which they will be exposed.”


Course Overview


LTA Code of Practice Traffic Control at Work zone Edition 2019

This course will cover effective practices based on the “LTA’s Code of Practice: Traffic Control at Work Zone”, as well as workplace supervisory and public safety.

All site supervisors involved in traffic control shall be trained in selection, placement, operation, maintenance and removal of traffic control devices.

At the end of the course, participants will acquire good knowledge in:

  • Introduction to LTA code of practice traffic control at work zone
  • Introduction to relevant safety acts and regulations
  • Supervisor and public safety
  • Channelising & delineation devices
  • Procedures in effective lane closure
  • Effective placement of warning devices and safety distances
  • Traffic controller / flagger operation requirements
  • Practical training on Go/Stop Operations
  • Highway closure procedure
  • Emergency traffic management
  • Risk of road works
  • Pedestrian and Public Safety
  • Installation of portable Traffic lights operations and marshal controls
  • Assessment & MCQ Test

Course Duration

8 hours, including 1 hour of assessment (1 day)
8.30am – 5.30pm

Certificate Awarded

A certificate of achievement and a safety pass will be issued to all participants after the release of the results.

Medium of Instruction: English

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